Your (healthy) weekend survival guide

Your (healthy) weekend survival guide

Did you have a good weekend? Like most of us, weekends are the time when we can meet up with friends, relax and enjoy a whole range of social activities. Unfortunately, many of these social activities involve drinking too much, eating too much and no exercise, only to find ourselves feeling less than motivated on Monday morning, with a hangover, stomach ache and big sunglasses to hide the telltale signs of not enough sleep!

After numerous coffees, we start to feel a bit more alive, however our bodies start craving carbohydrates and sugar and soon we find ourselves snacking on cupcakes or a chocolate bar to “get us through the day”. This cycle then repeats itself throughout the week and then before you know it, the weekend has rolled around again and we are back into the Friday night cocktails and Sunday brunches.

It may feel as though it can be hard to break this cycle of bad eating and not enough exercise, however with the right choices, you don’t have to dread Monday mornings anymore and will be ready to take on the week with energy and motivation. Don’t let those weekends sabotage all those hours you have spent in the gym or all the healthy salads you have been consuming throughout the week. Plan your gatherings and time around activities that are fun, but also align with your health and fitness goals.

Lets take a look at your weekend…

Friday – What would you normally do after work on a Friday? Head straight home and watch some DVD’s? Go to drinks with work colleagues? Friday is the start of most of our weekends, so sometimes we can get a bit excited (and go crazy) at the thought of 2 whole days of freedom! Think about your weekend and what you would like to fit in during this period. Plan out some healthy activities and lock them in, whether it be booking yourself in for a massage, booking in for a fitness class or going for a long walk. If you are going out, don’t be persuaded to stay out longer than you wanted (or to drink too much). Remember, you are trying to maintain your health and fitness, while still being social and having fun!

Saturday – Head to your Saturday morning planned activity and feel the benefits of exercise! It will boost your endorphins and make you feel great for the rest of the day. The best thing about exercise is that it naturally persuades us to keep feeling healthy, so you are more likely the make the right food choices. Saturday afternoon is the perfect time for a home spa session. After a face mask, exfoliation and soak, you will be feeling vibrant and your skin will be glowing. If you are planning on going out to meet friends, don’t over do it. Have a fun time but remember if you are drinking, stick to clear spirits with diet mixers, not sugary or creamy drinks. Steer clear of the party snacks and fast food. If you feel as though you will get hungry late in the night, pop a Wanted! Under 100 Calories Bar into your purse. That way you can snack and not feel guilty!

Sunday – Get up and get active. Instead of meeting your friends for the usual “hangover” brunch, why don’t you meet them all for some yoga or a walk? This way you get to combine friends and fitness together! Stay away from fatty foods and consume a banana smoothie with a scoop of protein powder. Drink plenty of water today to flush out any toxins and use your time to get ready for the week. Have a massage, do some gardening, take your dog for a walk, clean the house. For once you will be feeling healthy, energised and organised on Sunday night, ready for your morning workout on Monday

Try this plan for your weekend and see if it makes a difference!

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I hope you all have a fit and healthy week!