The Slim Secrets range of snacks are carefully designed using selected ingredients that will help combat cravings and keep you fuller for longer whilst providing perfectly balanced nutrition. We incorporate ingredients in our products which are known to provide many health benefits. Below are some of the ingredients we use in our products together with their health benefits.


COLLAGEN is the most abundant protein in our bodies and is vital for the health of our bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments as well as supporting healthy hair, skin and nails.  


STEVIA is a completely natural sweetener derived from the stevia rebaudiana plant.  Stevia contains very few calories or carbs and as such is suitable to be used if following a keto diet.  It does not adversely affect blood sugar levels making it an ideal alternative to sugar. 
ERYTHRITOL is a naturally derived sugar alcohol that can be found in many fruits and vegetables.  It is unique from other sugar alcohols as it contains zero calories, is diabetic friendly and keto friendly.
WHEY PROTEIN is a nutritional supplement that comes from milk and is naturally high in protein, low in fat and lactose and is absorbed into the body quickly. It contains all of the essential and non-essential amino acids needed by the body. Whey protein is diabetic-friendly as it delays the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream which allows the body more time to burn fat.
QUINOA is considered a superfood that is gluten free, rich in protein, fibre, and iron and one of the few plant foods that contains sufficient amounts of all nine essential amino acids. It contains antioxidants, helps control blood sugar levels, aids in digestion and supports the activities of the cardiovascular system.
OLIGOFRUCTOSE is a form of dietary fibre found in vegetables and other plants and is good for digestive health. It’s a prebiotic, which means it stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in your intestines. In addition, it’s a soluble fibre and it appears to boost feelings of fullness, reduce hunger.
GREEN TEA EXTRACT comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. It contains antioxidants and also contains high levels of healthy unsaturated fatty acids in addition to a lot of bioactive molecules (such as fibre, phytosterols, vitamins, other minerals, and antioxidants) which can help prevent cardiovascular heart diseases.
ALMONDS are a source of vitamin E, copper, magnesium, and high quality protein. Almonds are low in carbs but contain high levels of healthy unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants which can help prevent oxidative stress and cardiovascular heart diseases. Almonds are suitable to be eaten if following a keto diet, or if diabetic.
SOY PROTEIN is derived from soy beans, a legume rich in health benefits. Containing no cholesterol, the soybean is a good source of iron, calcium, fibre, B vitamins and is low in saturated fats. Being the only vegetable food that contains all eight essential amino acids, soy beans are a nutritious alternative to animal proteins and perfect for those following a plant based diet.
CHIA SEEDS are a great source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids and are perfect for the weight conscious. Chia seeds are also very beneficial to the heart and extremely high in fibre, calcium, high-quality protein, slowly processed carbohydrates and loaded with vitamins & minerals and antioxidants. Chia seeds are suitable if following a keto diet.