Slim Secrets sponsors Bowie Wong for Rosemount Fashion week

What an amazing couple of days I have just experienced in Sydney for Rosemount Fashion week.
I was lucky enough to sponsor Bowie Wong for his fashion show again this year and it was a spectacular parade. They were gutsy enough to plan the parade outdoors in Sydney (it had rained all week) at 9.00am on the edge of the harbour looking out to the bridge, opera house and water. Well the sun shone and it was not cold at all (lucky as some of the models wore very little clothing). The sun shimmered over the water and this was the backdrop to his beautiful parade. Guests looked on munching on their samples of Slim Secrets and Nutrient Secrets bars which they were all given for their “morning rev-up”. Many of the models also took some bars to keep them going (yes they do eat) and except for the early start it was a great morning.
I also had the good fortune the night before to spend it at my hotel in their cocktail lounge watching the first night of Australia’s got talent. Over a glass of red wine I noticed that the group of people that I was watching with turned out to be some of the cast and crew of the show namely Dannii Minogue and Grant Denyer. There were lots of laughs and they were all a great bunch. Dannii and Grant had a photo taken with the Slim Secrets bars which you can see on the website under the heading “celebrity secrets”. Sydney was fun!