Slim Secrets reviews and testamonials

We ran a competition and asked some of our Slim Secrets members why they enjoyed Slim Secrets products in 25 words or less…here are some of the responses we received;
• Hi, I am a fan of the Nutrient Secrets Smart Vanilla & Almond Bars – I have them for my afternoon snack everyday. They fill me up for ages, I love the taste and I don’t feel like I am missing out on having a sweet snack!
• So delicious
Luscious flavours
irresistibly packaged
most affordable
Store anywhere
Eat anytime!
Cravings gone!
Reduces hunger
Enjoyable, always
Tastes naughty but isn’t!
Slim – MY secret!
• The introduction of a high protein bar specifically for women has changed my life! I lived on these for the 4 months pre wedding, now 33 wks pregnant, I can be confident my pre baby shape will return with these bars and now cookies to supplement my diet!
Thank you slim secrets!
• I enjoy filling up and not out on all of these great products, Mintabolism is my favourite tasting bar, with the morning rev up a close 2nd
• A staunch supporter and lover Slim Secret bars because they act as the perfect between meal snack, but most importantly, they taste great.(thanks from Brendan)
• I love slim secrets,
their bars are great!
They keep me full,
and they satiate!
• I would love to try any of the new slim secret cookies; I always have the Slim Secrets bars in my handbag and work draw. They are my saviour even when I go out to have a cup of coffee I have a Slim Secrets bar. I love them and look so forward to trying the cookies. Sounds yum
• I love them as much as my clients love them………. They are delectable, slimming, convenient and perfectly packaged! Bet the cookies are delicious!
• ‘Turning’ the BIG 40, I love slim secrets because I can stay young
and feel good about myself, concentrating on the important things
in life.
• I enjoy Nutrient Secrets bars because they are low in fat (<0.1% trans fat), carbohydrate and sugar compared to similar products. Great afternoon snacks!
• I love slim secrets products because they are nutritious, delicious and fabulously convenient.
• The slogan is true! They fill me up, are protein-packed and taste naughtier than they are
• I enjoy Slim Secrets as it helps me to get through the day without blowing my waistline or budget while still tasting good.
• While shopping I have checked for the best snack Bar for me. After reading each one I chose Slim Secret to try –
It was soooo good : the taste was just awesome!!! Didn’t need anything else before dinner and to know it is actually healthy made me feel fantastic – it is not a Sean or crime to snack. Today I’ll have 7 – 11 bars a week; slim secret is my secret in between meals. Love it.
• My favourite Slim Secrets prod is the Mintabolism Boost Bar. It’s delicious, with a strong peppermint choc taste that fills you up for hours!
• I like Slim Secrets products because although they are low in calories, they are high in protein, high in delicious-ness and make the perfect healthy
• Being in the fitness industry, I am always looking for something yummy and healthy to eat, and I have certainly found it with slim secrets!
• I genuinely love the products – so innovative while being nutritious and delicious.
And the price doesn’t hurt the hip pocket in comparison to other products out there.

I’m known to carry a Slim Secrets Binge Buster in my handbag on a Saturday night – when it comes to the small hours of the morning and everyone is off for a kebab, I have my bar!
I’m addicted!
• I love slim secrets products because: they taste great, they’re good for me, and help me stay slim effortlessly!