There have been many studies on the benefits of green tea antioxidants. It has been found that with proper dosing green tea antioxidants can help those struggling with weight loss achieve their goals. The benefits of green tea are not limited to weight loss. Green tea also is reported to help increase energy levels. It is not known with one hundred percent certainty as to why green tea antioxidants assist in weight loss. Many experts believe that green tea antioxidants speed up metabolism which helps the body burn fat faster. Undoubtedly, the scientific community will continue to study the benefits of green tea antioxidants. Early results indicate that the medicinal properties are vast and it may take years to study them all. Green tea has been around for centuries as a cure for ailments in other cultures. Science is just beginning to shed light on all of the health benefits of this natural remedy. As the studies continue, we will continue to learn more about the numerous benefits of green tea antioxidants.