Flying High with Slim Secrets

PR is not always an easy thing to come by in business but at the moment the PR for Slim Secrets has been sensational. At the moment if you fly either Qantas or Jetstar you will find some great PR for our brand.
On Qantas for the month of August if you turn on the radio to the Talking Business Channel Peter Switzer and I are having a chat about Slim Secrets. A transcript of the talk can be also found on the Qantas website at

Also if you fly Jetstar in the month of November and open up their magazine to page 11 you will see a great little write up on the Diet Bites page about Slim Secrets as well. So for those lucky enough to be taking off somewhere this month…happy reading.

We will also be launching a very exciting competition soon (ssh don’t tell anyone as it is a secret but the prize will be a trip for 2 to a fantastic health retreat). We will also be starting our new Twitter and Facebook Fan pages soon as well as expanding our membership club (go to if you want to be a Slim Secrets member and find out first about all these new events)