I recently received a call from someone in NZ and after chatting with her and reading some information on her I believe that she could be a great coach for any of my NZ friends.I have included an expert from Lysa’s email to me which includes details about her coaching business and her contact details (I have not included her photos in this blog but I am sure she would email them if you wished.

LYSA to Sharon “It was a pleasure to speak with you briefly Monday afternoon. I truly admire your devotion to providing women with a product that allows women to enjoy delicious, satisfying, healthy snacks. It is one of the fundamental key’s to achieving, and maintaining lasting results. I attached some piccy’s of me so you can see why I’m so passionate about coaching women to lasting results. I have slimmed 30kg (Age 17) and maintained it for 5 years now! I was a nutritional advisor, and a personal trainer and discovered they do nothing for how women think and feel about the Slimming Process. I know that Coaching is the most powerful medium for achieving lasting change.

Some of my promotional material explains how:

Some women can slim easily. However, some women become frustrated and overwhelmed, with all the different approaches:shakes, clinics, diets, medical procedures and so on… Slimming Coaching inspires you to create lasting results discovering processes you love that suit your lifestyle, goals and needs. After 7 years of experience I have helped hundreds to slim. Slimming Coaching packages start from 6 wks. You can contact me via email or via mobile in NZ 02102346647.

Mission Statement: To guide any woman who knows what she wants to a simple approach to slimming that she loves, with a focus on lasting results.”