We are trying to get our new cookies into as many outlets as possible as the response from so many of you has been fantastic! As mentioned previously they are being sold in selected Woolworths Supermarkets (in the vitamin/health/sports nutrition area) and the actual WW stocking them are listed in a previous blog. GNC livewell stores are now also stocking them as are Vitamin Me outlets and other health food stores. They can also be purchased online from
They will also be available in New Zealand and Canada very soon too.
Some of the emails we have received about them has been great e.g
Hi Sharon

Just sold out of the protein cookies. They only arrived today.

Can you send me 8 cartons of each flavour please… so 160 boxes all together.

PS They taste sooo yummy!!

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for my cookies which I received in the mail yesterday. I have just eaten the choc chip cookie and it is heaven. Hopefully I will find them in my local woolies soon.