Another awesome review from a satisfied Slim Secrets customer

We just received this post on our Facebook Page and will happily share it:

part of my weight loss success is because i snack on slim secrets.they r fantastic when u need a guilt free indulgance without the worry of it going 2 ur now 59kgs.weighed 127.9 in july 2008.ive had slim secrets for 12months now&swear by them.i have them everyday&they satisfy that craving for a little indulgance.i know from losing the weight,that its hard 2 keep on track&stay focused but i also know that slim secrets help me 2 keep&maintain my healthy weight.i recommend them 2 anyone who wants something that is sweet&indulgant,tastes gr8 but is also good 4 u,then i say if “u wanna gr8 snack that wont turn 2 fat,snack on a slim secret…..sssssssshhhhhh!”jen.