5 GREAT WAYS TO START THE DAY by Courtney Barber

Hi Slim Secrets Fans,

Winter has gone and now it’s time to emerge from those fluffy blankets and step into Spring! Whether you are an early riser or snooze button fiend, there are a few ways you can invigorate your mind and body in the first 5 minutes of the day!

Stretch – Instead of heading straight to the shower, spend 5 minutes stretching your muscles. This will energize your mind and body and also get your blood moving. Lie on your back and pull your knees towards your chest, then straighten out your legs and hold them, stretching your hamstrings. Flip over onto your stomach and point your fingers and toes, stretching the entire length of your body.

Lemon Water – A glass of warm water with lemon is perfect in the morning. Not only does it cleanse your system, increase your energy, metabolism and improve digestion, but it also eliminate toxins.

Get Active – Do you find it hard to get moving? No motivation for the gym? Try this simple energy booster: 20 seconds jumping jacks, 20 pushups, 20 seconds running on the spot. Repeat x 3. This will instantly get the blood pumping throughout your entire body!

Sunlight – Spending your morning in a dark room can make you feel lethargic. Open the curtains and let the natural light shine in. This will tell your body to “wake up”, stimulating the formation of vitamin D and setting your biological rhythm.

Plan your Day – Instead of heading straight to your phone or laptop, spend 5 minutes planning your day. What do you want to achieve today? How are you going to do it? This will give you a clear plan and also help you to organise your time effectively.

Make the most of your mornings and try these tips this week. Even if you implement one each week, you will see a difference in your energy levels and productively throughout the day.

Be fit and well