Slim Secrets Love Bites by Sophie Monk

Slim Secrets has partnered with Sophie Monk to deliver a range of delicious Choc Bites that you will fall in love with!  Choc Love Bites by Sophie Monk are delicious pieces of chocolate that are KETO friendly, gluten free, low carb, and contain protein and fibre so you can enjoy all the pleasure without the gain!  But best of all Choc Love Bites have no added sugar, so you can enjoy the taste of real chocolate without the sugar high! They are the perfect ‘cheat treat’ to keep your health and fitness goals on track and come in 3 delicious flavours including:

  • Dark Choc with Mint Crisps,
  • Protein Milk Choc with Salted Caramel Crisps and
  • Protein Milk Choc with Crushed Almonds.

"I love Slim Secrets and I’m ridiculously excited to launch the new Choc Love Bites! These are seriously the yummiest things I’ve ever eaten and with no guilt! They’re bloody genius, Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t invent these!


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