Bars Sampler Pack
$32.95 $39.40
$32.95 $39.40
Want to try each bar before buying bulk? Try our Slim Secrets Bars Sampler pack & get each one of our bars. There are 10...
Gluten Free Pack
$32.00 $37.15
$32.00 $37.15
Is your tummy a bit sensitive or intolerant to gluten? Try our Slim Secrets Gluten Free Pack and get one of each of our 11...
Keto Sampler Pack
$19.00 $19.80
$19.00 $19.80
Are you looking for convenient keto snacks that won't sabotage your diet? Try our Slim Secrets Keto Pack and get one of each of our...
Slim Secrets Sampler Pack
$44.00 $49.10
Not sure which products to buy? The Slim Secrets Sampler pack includes 15 products you can try before bulk buying. Bars, desserts and chocolates. Amazing value! ...


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