Very Exciting!

I feel like I’ve just had a baby. I picked up my finished Slim Secret’s bars after 10 months of working on them. I am very excited with the end result, both the packaging and taste are even better then I imagined. The response by the public has also been great so far and there are many exciting outlets looking at stocking the bars.
My mum asked me whether you would “lose weight” if you ate them. I couldn’t believe the question. If you eat everything else in sight, don’t exercise or look after yourself then of course the answer is No. However it is a great snack alternative to help you reach your goals and this is what they are designed for. As they are high protein and low GI they will keep you fuller longer so that you shouldn’t overeat at mealtime or after dinner.
Sometimes we just eat because we are bored or so used to sitting in front of the TV and eating even if we aren’t hungry. I have aricles on my website to help with these situations and if you join the up to Secret News you will receive a free article to download on how to deal with bingeing. Very useful for many of us!
It’s races fever in Melbourne at the moment so for those that are going have a great time.