Top 6 healthy resolutions (that you can actually keep!)

Yes, we know, New Year’s resolutions are pesky. Every year, diets are broken and plans to stop swearing and do more yoga fly out the window by mid-January. But that’s why you need resolutions that you can actually keep! These simple goals are about making small changes to your routine and paying more attention to your body, diet and fitness.

Drink Less. We’re not going to tell you that you can’t have a cheeky drink every so often, but cutting back to 1-2 nights a week and changing your options to make them less sugar or carb heavy is a great start. Think: gin and tonic, or vodka with soda and a squeeze of fresh lime, or try low carb beer or a lighter style wine.

Drink more… water. Summer is the perfect time to get into a habit of drinking more water. We’re supposed to consume 30ml for every 1kg we weigh (so if you’re 70kg then that’s 2.1 litres a day). It’s one of the easiest ways to cut calories out of your day too, by swapping soft drinks or fruit juices for pure H2o. And if you can’t quite cop the simple taste just yet, add some lemon or lime, or even invest in a Soda Stream if you prefer a few bubbles.

Colour your plate. When it comes to fresh food, a plate full of different coloured vegetables and fruit is a winner. This means you’re getting a variety of vitamins and antioxidants in your diet. Think red capsicum, broccoli and sweet potato all on the one plate. Challenge yourself on how creative you can get!

Pack your lunch. Preparing food not only saves you money, but also time and calories. Plan a weekend shop and cook up for the week ahead and freeze some lunch meals, or cook extra for dinner to take some healthy leftovers the next day.

Switch off. Before you all scream at the screen and tell us we’re being ridiculous, listen up! We’re not saying to go cold turkey on your phone and ipad, but research shows that screen time just before sleep does affect the quality of rest you get at night, and a good night’s rest is important for health (and weight loss). So, set yourself an alarm or reminder (yes, on your phone… we get the irony) for a half hour before bed and turn your phone off (or on silent) and put it away so you can have some time to wind down minus the gadgets. You could read a book, meditate, have a bath or chat to the person you live with.

Learn something new. How good would it feel at the end of this year to say “This is the year I learnt…. and I love it.” You could find your favourite new hobby, meet new friends, make yourself happier/less stressed/healthier/who knows? Yoga, golf, origami, cooking, swimming, dancing – whatever takes your fancy really, but just go for it!

Pick progress over perfection. In other words, be kinder to yourself. Celebrate the things you achieve and the little goals you kick, and don’t get caught up on everything else not being exactly the way you want it to be. Breathe!

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