The Skinny model debate

I spent the day yesterday in Sydney for the Rosemount Spring/Summer fashion show. I was there with my daughter Mel to represent Slim Secrets who was the sponsor of the parade by designer Bowie. We had the Slim secrets snack bars back stage and Mel also handed them out to the guests. It was great to see some of the models (both male and female) eating the bars before the parade! They loved the fact that someone had brought them a snack alternative that gave them energy, provided them with protein but was not laden with calories. The parade itself was terrific and I am pleased to say that none of the models looked like skin and bones. They actually looked slim and healthy which was great to see.
Photographed eating Slim Secrets bars were Deni Hines (who seems like a gorgeous person) as well as Holly Brisley from Home And Away.
All in all it was a great day. However it finished off on a high whilst flying back to Melbourne on Virgin Airlines we see the air hostesses munching on Slim Secrets bars whilst on their break.
When we told them that we had flown to Sydney to represent the bars they got all excited and asked for boxes of them as they loved them! What a great way to finish off a fun day.