Study: Weight Loss Answer May Be In Protein

There are so many different studies on the answer to weight loss that it can get a little confusing. However I feel I would like to share some of these with you at different times and then let your individual bodies be the best judge of what works for you.
Study: Weight Loss Answer May Be In Protein
Protein Might Tell Body To Stop Eating
The age-old dieting question of how to convince the body that it’s full may have an answer.
According to recent findings, a hormone called PYY — possibly activated by protein — could be one of the signals telling the body to stop eating.
“Whenever we have a certain amount of food in our intestines, PYY sends that message to the brain. ‘I’m full. Stop eating,’” dietitian Dee Rollins of Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine said Grapevine dieter Katy Wade said she has noticed a difference since switching to a diet of more protein and less fat, though she didn’t have to completely give up carbohydrates. She has since lost 50 pounds.
“I definitely feel appropriate amounts of protein help,” Wade said.
Researchers said dieters must watch out for saturated fats to make the protein work.
“If we eat more protein, we will need to eat less fat or less carbohydrates in order to make that calorie count that we need for our body,” Rollins said.
Current research on activating PYY has only been performed on rats, but dietitians think the process could lead to recommendations for higher amounts of protein for obese patients.