I have mentioned Strivectin before as a great cream for both stretch marks and for skin texture improvement. StriVectin-SD, the self-dubbed “better than Botox” wrinkle cream, is somewhat of a phenomenon. It was originally sold in maternity shops in the US as an intensive treatment for stretch marks, but in a strange turn of events, women started putting the product on their faces – with reportedly dramatic results. Users reported that the cream reduced the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet – some even claimed it had taken years off their appearance. More people started buying it as an anti-wrinkle cream. StriVectin-SD promises to improve the appearance of “indented” surfaces, skin firmness, irregularities in skin discolouration, and smooth out the skin’s surface overall. According to the manufacturer, you should start to see results in just 28 days.

Well up till now it was unavailable in Australia. It will soon reach our department stores at around AU$240. It is a really large tube which lasts for ages. I love this cream and think it is definitely worth giving it a try. If you want a special price however it is beng sold at Evitamins for a very special US$95! This is a great price. To get this price please scroll down to the bottom of my blog page and click on the Strivectin logo and enjoy the benefits of this great cream.