Slim Secrets Nutritional profile

I was amazed when I was given the performance data from the supermarkets this week.
Slim Secrets is in the top 12 SKU’s in the sports nutrition area of the Woolworths which is great! However what amazed me was how well the Atkins bars also sell. These bars are loaded with fat and have artificial sweeteners and with everything we know today about both those things I cannot believe that consumers are still buying them. Yes they are low carb (so are Slim Secrets) but at what cost. We don’t use artificial sweeteners in our bars and we have managed to keep our fat content down in all our products significantly compared to Atkins and many others.
Positively there are more and more consumers recognising the benefits of our snack range as the demand has grown dramatically over the past 6 months.
The other thing that amazed me was the amount of meal replacement shakes that people are buying in the supermarkets. I am not sure that these have long term benefits for people wanting to maintain lifetime weight control and they are certainly a fad now which we won’t be following. All the Slim Secrets products are designed as quick, convenient snacks between meals which helps keep the metabolism going but also allows for healthy meals at other times. To me that is something that is sustainable for a lifetime where as meal replacement shakes are not sustainable for a lifetime.
They may prove a good kickstart for some but what happens when they go back to eating real food for meals (and they will get sick of the shakes after a while)…often the result is weight gain with interest.
We are working on increasing our range of between meal and pre/post workout snacks…so stay tuned!!