Slim Secrets new low fat chips

What an exciting week it’s been. We received our first deliveries of our new Slim Secrets guilt free potato chips and they have flown out of our warehouse.
For those who don’t know about our new GLUTEN FREE, LOW FAT (just 1.2g fat per 40g bag)potato (not corn or rice) chips with under 140 calories and source of protein and fibre please go to our website at for more information.
At this stage we are waiting on our first order from Woolworth’s Supermarkets (however just in about 200 of their larger outlets to begin with)but they will be available from selected Health Food stores (Including vitamin me shops). I will update the stockists soon.
Some of the comments we have received about the chips are;
Great innovation, everyone in the shop is raving!!

Those chips are FANTASTIC!! Order for more is attached – I think we definitely need to do a big display of these ones, people are going to love them!!

I just LOVE your new potato chips! My favourite are the Salt & Vinegar