Our special secret blend of fibre and protein in our designer cookies is DESIGNED to fill you up without filling you out!

All under 125 calories our cookies are a great snack for between meals when you are craving something sweet but want a healthier alternative. They are ideal to take with you to work, to have with your afternoon tea, after a gym workout, in your bag to keep you going between meals when you are out and about or any other time you need something to curb your hunger.
Designer Cookies from Slim Secrets are billed as the sweet tasting snack your stomach would ask for if only it could talk.
“Designed to fill you up, not fill you out,” says the packaging – with an added promise to satisfy your cookie craving without busting your belt buckle.
The claims are backed up though with fat contents between 8.8% and 11.3% (depending on cookie variety) and sugar levels of 11.6% to 13.4%. Moreover, the levels of protein range between 18% and 19.4%, which lends credence to the product’s “Cookie + Protein” sub-title.
Four 32.5g individually wrapped Designer Cookies are contained in each retail pack and they come in two varieties – Choc Chip with a mere 122 calories per cookie and Trail Mix with just 115 calories per cookie.
But the “secret ingredients” are Chia seeds – said to be a perfect additive for the weight conscious. Not only are Chia seeds rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids, they are also high in fibre, calcium, high quality protein and slowly processed carbohydrates. And if that’s not enough, they are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well.
Our cookies are available at this stage from selected Woolworths supermarkets in the health food/sports nutrition aisle.