Slim Secrets launches 2 new ranges

WANTED! bars: We listened to what our customers “wanted” and many told us they wanted a bar under 100 calories, gluten free, have a good balance of protein and fibre and we listened! Although we decided to add our touch of chia seeds into the range of 4 bars for added benefits (more details about nutritional, ingredients and flavours for this range can now be found on our website ). Since we added this range to our website last week we have had over 100 inquiries from consumers about purchasing them!

SUPA SECRETS chips and bars: Children’s health and food is a huge growth area due to the increasing number of overweight kids in our society. Our aim in launching this Supa Secrets kid’s snack range is to provide better nutritionally balanced snacks for kids that taste great and of course is a fun/funky brand like our Slim Secrets range. Whilst we still believe that snacks such as fruit, vegetables or similar are a better alternative for kids we know that they will not always satisfy their cravings. Supa Secrets snacks will make great healthier snack alternatives for the lunchbox and are approved by the Healthy Kids Association!

We will be launching Supa Secrets with a fantastic party which will include many sportsmen and women, celebrities, media…all with their kids. We will be doing martial arts with the kids and lots more. This launch party is a unique concept and it should be SUPA (sorry)!!