It has been an amazing start to 2007 for the 1 year old brand of Slim Secrets snack bars both in Australia and internationally.
Firstly here at home we are receiving many inquiries daily from people telling us how much they enjoy the products and how they have helped them with their poor snacking habits and of course that they are the BEST protein bars out on the market due to their taste and balanced nutritional profile. I love those emails!!

Secondly we are getting new and satisfied stockists daily as the bars grow in demand. This includes from March 700 Coles supermarkets in Australia. The bars are also selling very well in Boost Juice around the country. We are also selling the bars in many more gyms, personal training studios, Health food outlets Doctors, Naturopaths and weight loss clinics in both Australia and New Zealand.

Thirdly we have begun 2007 with some successful advertising in national magazines with more to come throughout the year. We have also been approached by TV and channel 9 are doing an advertorial on Slim Secrets products in Adelaide in March. We have been approached by media in the US and one of the largest nutritional and functional magazines is doing a write up on Slim Secrets products in April.
We are also sponsoring functions such as the Vecci women’s networking forums and have been asked to be a sponsor of one of our fashion designers in Fashion Week in Sydney in early May.

Lastly Slim Secrets is spreading it’s wings on the international market. They are being sold in New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore (Boost Juice Singapore will be selling them) with serious interest from the UK, US, Taiwan and Canada.
All in all things are very exciting at the moment and VERY busy!