Slim Secrets at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo 2013

My name is Mel and I have just joined the Slim Secrets Team!

My first week on the job was at the 2013 Australian Fitness and Health Expo in Sydney and what a great way to start!

me at expo

This expo is the largest gathering of its kind in the southern hemisphere and the number one event for those who live, breath and work in fitness and health ( There was everything and anything you could think of! I had never seen anything like it – it was massive!

It was a three day show – Friday, Saturday and Sunday and boy were we busy!!

mum and i at expo

Representing the Slim Secret’s team at the Expo was my mum, Sharon, who is the founder of Slim Secrets and myself. We shared our stand with Michael Klim’s Milk & Co food range. Michael was there with us all day Friday and Saturday morning, which drew quite a bit of attention to our stand. I couldn’t quite work out why everyone wanted photos with him and not with me?! Haha but I happily took the photos for him. He also had Paul and Kylie helping him, which was great fun for us.

mum me and klim at expo

When we were unpacking the stock to setup on the Thursday – we couldn’t believe how much we had and we’re really quite sure where it was all going to fit. But by the time we got to Saturday afternoon, it was looking like we were going to run out. We got through Sunday but by the end we managed to sell out of all EVERYTHING!!

mum unpacking expo

Overall the Expo was a huge success for us. It was really amazing to see the interest people took in Slim Secret’s. There were lots of people who already knew the brand and were coming past to see what was new and to stock up on their favourite products. And then there were people who had never heard of us and couldn’t believe how good the products tasted considering how good they are for you. The expo is a great way for us to meet existing customers and to build our database.

mum at expo

We gave out free samples of our Daily Fibre Power Bar, which will be launched in about 6 weeks time. This bar is full of seeds, goji, tahini and high in fibre and personally I LOVE IT! We received a tweet on our Twitter page on the Sunday from a fan who just raved about the new bar. So hopefully you all love it too. So make sure to watch our social media pages for the launch of this new bar.

Fibre Power Bar_r1