Sleep and stay slim?

Here’s a little secret that may surprise you…
Sleep and Stay Slim
Research of almost 70,000 women over 16 years has shown that having ample amounts of sleep is a key to avoiding weight gain.
They found women who slept five or fewer hours a night were a third more likely to put on at least 33lbs (15kg) than sound sleepers during that time. (BBC)
The logical conclusion would be – less sleep – means you eat more. However – this is not the case. Those who sleep less actually eat less than those who get adequate sleep! The researchers felt that one reason for the weight gain was “…a natural hormonal response to the stress of insufficient sleep leading to changes in metabolic rate or even eating behaviours.”
Such large studies show, more than ever, that weight management is so much more than just diet – or even exercise.
One could say that the secret to losing weight is: nutrition, physical exercise, and adequate sleep.
The one time in your life when this can be exceedingly difficult is when parenting very young children. It’s no surprise new mothers get annoyed at “instant-thin” celebrity moms.