Skin Saviour skin care

Wouldn’t it be great if you could cleanse and moisturise without exposing your skin to a smorgasbord of toxic chemicals?
Take a moment to look at the long list of ingredients on the back of your current skin care product…
Are they good for your skin? Safe even? Not necessarily….
That’s why Jo Packer from Skin Saviour did her research and created her own range of products that she could trust….
I met with Jo over a cup of coffee and loved the look of her products so I thought I would fill you in about this skin care range.

Introducing skinsaviour…
Skin care formulations designed by a naturopath for men and women.
Key benefits:
Promotes healthy skin that feels good and looks great
An active, potent moisturiser that absorbs instantly
Safe, gentle yet effective cleanser
No harsh chemicals
No animal testing
No risk to try it – full money back guarantee
With our busy lifestyles, wouldn’t it be great to have just two products that take care of our daily skin care routine?

skinsaviour cream is a multipurpose product designed to be non irritating and as perfect for the face and neck area as the delicate eye area, saving you time and saving you money.

skinsaviour cleanser is a creamy rich formula providing superior daily grime and makeup removal and can be used with or without water.

Let’s face it – we all want value for money and that is why she chose to sell skinsaviour exclusively on line – there are no retail markups. Jo also refuses to use filler ingredients.
You get what you pay for – skin care products with no known harmful ingredients but packed with active, cell communicating ingredients and antioxidants that actually work.
All this is backed by a no questions asked money backed guarantee.
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