Secrets on how to cope with all the Pre Xmas Parties

I went to another Xmas party yesterday afternoon till evening! So how do you survive these drinks without over indulging each time. Here are a list of some of the secrets I picked up

1. Never go hungry or you will eat everything in sight. Have a Slim Secrets Bar before hand and this will take the edge off your hunger.
2. For every glass of alcohol, drink 1 glass of water. This keeps a glass in your hand if you need it, but helps you cut down the number of alcoholic drinks. The water will also help you stay hydrated and fills you up.
3. Stay focused on enjoying the company of the people you are with rather than on the food and alcohol. Even if you don’t know many people (like myself yesterday) enjoy the challenge of talking to new and sometimes interesting people.

I hope these secrets are helpful to you over the next couple of weeks!