Say goodbye to diets. Make permanent weight loss a reality!

Say goodbye to diets. Make permanent weight loss a reality!
It’s time to say goodbye to diets forever! Yes, it’s true. At last, permanent weight loss can be a reality. There’s a new weight loss system that’s getting lots of attention. It’s new, it’s revolutionary and it’s called ‘The Slim Habit’.
What’s new about The Slim Habit? Well, it’s all about habits. It’s not a restrictive process like a diet, instead it concentrates on helping you to change your behaviour by learning new habits, Slim Habits.
The number of people who are either overweight or obese is rising rapidly, but so are the numbers going on a diet. Clearly diets aren’t working.
The sad fact about diets is that they fail to deliver permanent weight loss. A recent study by psychologists at UCLA which analyzed the results of 31 long-term studies which followed people on a range of diets for between 2 and 5 years, found that you can lose between 5% and 10% of your weight on a diet, but in all but a few cases the weight reappears – with interest. In another report, the failure rate was put as high as 99%!
Those who have tried lots of diets will understand how depressing and damaging it is to your self-confidence and self-esteem to constantly fail to achieve permanent weight loss. Serial dieting is bad for your health – mental and physical.
There’s no need to be caught in this dilemma. The way out is to get The Slim Habit.
Learn to change your behavior and by learn new habits, new Slim Habits, you’ll make a permanent difference to your life. No short-term diet-fix, but a lasting solution which will allow you to enjoy a slim, healthy life, free form diets.
The Slim Habit is a very comprehensive program. It answers the ‘why’ and delivers the ‘how’. It helps you to gain control of your life through learning and development. Through a Personal Exercise Plan it helps you to establish your own exercise program and it offers huge support through the Cycle 9 Journal and the online Slim Habit community, SlimPals.
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The Slim Habit is revolutionary in its concept, but also in its simplicity. It is straight forward and easy-to-follow. It is revolutionizing weight loss. If you want to lose weight permanently, join the revolution and get the Slim Habit!