Purchasing Nutrient Secrets bars

I have been getting heaps of emails from people wanting to know where they can purchase on line our newly launched range of bars Nutrient Secrets. They are available from http://www.thefitnesssolution.com.au/ and also http://www.vitaminme.com.au/ There are other countries selling Nutrient Secrets (Singapore, New Zealand and China) but for those in Australia they will also be available from retail outlets very soon (they are currently available from Pulse Pharmacies in Vic and NSW). For those who don’t know about these new innovative bars they are almost exact 40-40-20 ratios for protein, carb and fat, size 28g, gluten free, with added flaxseed (omega 3,) and are a very handy snack to keep the edge off your appetite without the guilt but with the added nutrients.