Project Runway Fashion Parade

My husband and I went this week to Foxtel’s Production of the finale for the final five designers of Project Runway.

The event companies brief was to ensure the right people were at the event (yes we saw a few celebrities), judges past and present, designers, project runway past designers, celebrities, media, social etc to fill 530 seats.

The fact that this is not the usual runway show made it a little different as the audience sat through 2 takes of the parades for filming purposes (felt a bit like ground hog day). With this in mind Foxtel gathered water for each seat and was looking for a ‘fashionable’ snack to include to keep the crowd going over two hours of filming. The event company called us at Slim Secrets as “we loved the product when we tried it.” When we walked into the venue for the parade each and every seat had a Slim Secrets Afternoon Snack Attack on them. It was great to look around during the show and see so many people under the one roof munching on their bars!
Unfortunately the winner of Project Runway wasn’t announced at this filming so I can can’t share those details with you. However some of the fashions were great and some unwearable.
The final 5 are definitely a talented bunch and I am sure most of them will go on to be successful fashion designers.