Please help spread the Slim secrets

I am getting heaps of emails and phone calls from people wanting to buy Slim secrets Bars.
Many have seen media articles about the bars, heard about them from friends, found the Slim Secrets website etc. Although we are increasing our distribution outlets in Victoria (my home state) it is proving more difficult in the other states but we are going to stir things up so that it becomes easier for you to get bars. However for any of you that want to experience Slim secrets please can you go to your local health food/pharmacy/gym and ask them to order Slim secrets.
They can find all the distributor details on the website and get stock sent to them quickly.
Word of mouth marketing is a fantastic way to spread the word, so your help would be fantastic!
You wont regret it once you have tasted Slim Secrets.
To reward you for your help we are also offering for a very short time 2 free bars of your choice sent to you (Australia and New Zealand residents only). All you need to do is visit the website and sign up to be a Slim secrets member (it’s free). So what have you got to lose?
But you will gain plenty of Slim Secrets!