New Mintabolism Boost Bar

It has been a little while since I have posted on this blog. The reason being that things have been extremely busy for Slim Secrets due to the recent launch of our new amazing Mintabolism Boost bar (cool choc mint with added green tea extract). The response to both the taste and the nutritional panel of this product has been over whelming. I recently sent some sample bars to Slim Secrets members and I thought I would share with you a few of their responses.
It will take a little while to distribute the new bars into stores but the good news is that as of the next couple of weeks all Boost Juice Bars throughout Australia will keep all 4 variety of bars.
They can also be bought from Vitamin Me stores, selected GNC,,
and more.


Hi Sharon,

Just letting you know my feedback on the mintabolism bar – awesome!

It has great flavour and really did leave a cool mint taste in my mouth – it’s very rare that you can call a snack bar “refreshing”, but this certainly was! And it got me over the afternoon hump until dinner time!

My kids shared the bar with me and they absolutely loved it.

Keep up the good work.
Kind regards

Hi Sharon, The Mintabolism Boost bar is fantastic! Great choc-mint taste without over powering your taste buds, complimented with a great chewy texture. Perfect mid morning snack, kept me full until lunch time. Highly recommended, I’ll be scouring the shops to get my hands on more of these bars


Hi Sharon,

I did receive it and couldn’t wait until my mid-morning snack time, I had to have it right away. I’m a big fan of your bars and this new bar was not a disappointment. I don’t like the taste of green tea but I know it has lots of beneficial ingredients, so chocolate covered green tea suits me just fine, and as per usual it tasted great, was satisfying and made me feel like I’d had my chocolate fix for the day. I’ll be buying a box full the next time I stock up on my Snack-Attack and Binge-Buster bars.

Thanks for the sample, I really appreciated it.


Hi Sharon,

The Mintabolism bar was fantastic, the taste was totally divine and the mintiness level was just right, they are the perfect snack with benefits far beyond the eye can see!
I have tried the whole range of slim secrets bars and the quality is outstanding, I will definitely be in contact to ensure I always have a supply on hand for the snack attack!!

Thanks so much for the chance to try these, I am going to check out your site and find my nearest stockist for sure, they are unbelievable

Take care

Hi Sharon,

Thank you very much for the sample of the Mintabolism Boost Bar. I am a big fan of the Slim Secrets bars and have tried all flavours so I knew what the competition was like! Am happy to say that the Mintabolism bar has raised the bar in terms of quality and taste. It was good because I am not the biggest fan of chocolate bars but there was just the right amount on this bar and the minty flavour was quite refreshing.

10/10 Stars.

Again, thank you very much.

– Chelsea


Thanks for the sample.
It came in very handy in my desk draw when the hunger pains started around 10 in the morning.
I found that by lunchtime, I wasn’t craving the usual salty foods that I have a weak spot for.
Mintabolism is a great addition to the range!


Your welcome…. And I LOVE the bars. Mint products are my favourite and your bars top it off!!
The mint bars are so yummy! How many in a box?

I’m now addicted!

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Hi Sharon,
Thank you so much for sending the Mintabolism Boost Bar.
It was absolutely delicious! My normal afternoon snack routine is a cup of tea and mint slice biscuit (tiny biscuit with 4.5g fat), and half an hour later I’m still hungry.
I swapped the mint slice biscuit for the Mintabolism Boost Bar and was totally satisfied! No more snacking right before dinner! The Mintabolism Boost Bar was really yummy – satisfying that chocolate urge and filling me up at the same time!
I will definitely be purchasing the Mintabolism Boost Bar from now on, rather than a packet of mint slice biscuits!
Thanks once again for the sample taster – I’m hooked!
Kind Regards,