In Feb this year I was lucky enough to be in LA at Oscar time, present Slim Secrets snack bars and cookies to many celebrities, attend Elton John’s Oscar Party and go to Oprah’s last Oscars show in LA the morning after the Oscars at the Kodak Centre (where they had been held the night before). I was so excited that I had received 2 free tickets to this show (especially after trying to get tickets previously and was told I could buy them for US$3000!). So after a very big night at Elton John’s party my US distributor I and went to line up at the Kodak Centre the next morning at 7.00am as instructed for a 10.00am show. In my mind I was hoping to have the opportunity to meet Oprah after the show but when we rolled up to the Kodak centre I realised meeting Oprah was not going to happen. There were thousands of people already queuing up to get in to the centre (first come best seats). We were about a kilometre in the queue!! After an hour and a half of waiting we were eventually seated in the Kodak Centre. Having travelled from Australia I was absolutely disappointed that we were seated on the 3rd level of the centre and the stage looked liked a pimple. This was not how I had imagined my experience at the Oprah show to be like as I thought it was much more intimate. After looking around I decided that I hadn’t come all this way, got up so early and queued for so long to sit so far away. Armed with my mobile phone I told my US distributor Katie that I had to at least attempt to get us better seats and I would let her know by mobile if my mission was a success. After being told by person after person that I couldn’t sit on the ground level as it was full and first in first serve I used the persistence that has held me in good stead with my business and eventually found “my door friend” who I explained that I had come all the way from Australia and was there anything he could do to help me and my friend (with a smile on my face!). He waved me in and said that whilst this was not allowed he loved Australians and my “accent”. I quickly called Katie to come down stairs as I had a seat for her. She couldn’t believe I had been successful and we eagerly awaited Oprah to appear and interview some of the winners of the Oscars from the night before including Sandra Bullock. The show was great but went really quickly and NO luck meeting Oprah. So why I am telling this story now…well as Oprah is coming to Australia in December many of you will be experiencing an Oprah live show just as I did in February. The shows will be huge at the Opera House and I am sure you will have a ball. I would love to be able to supply all the guests at the Oprah show in Australia with some Slim Secrets products and have contacted the Tourism Bureau to see if this is a possibility. In the meantime I can only hope that at some point I am able to meet with Oprah, hear about her amazing journey and share with her my Slim Secrets dream.