Journey to International Business

Last week was the launch of the new educational book/CD put together by Austrade for International business students called the ‘Journey to International Business’ (editor Leigh Derigo)
The book is a great guide for students on importing and exporting. They have a few case studies in the book of companies that export and Slim Secrets was one of these case studies together with the likes of Gloria Jeans. It was such an honour to be included in this book. It was also great as I went to the launch by the Hon. Anthony Byrne MP (parliamentary secretary to the PM and parliamentary secretary of trade)and was asked by him to come up and answer any questions that any of the students/guests had. If I had realised that I would be getting up and speaking I would’ve been nervous but luckily I didn’t know and actually really enjoyed the questions being asked. Hopefully students will find the book a great resource!