Is Slim Secrets the right snack for your weight loss plan?

Have you put together some goals to achieve sound health and fitness? And are you wondering if Slim Secrets are right for you?

Firstly, congratulations on all your efforts thus far. Making that decision and sticking to it is a big first step.

slimhappyIt is essential that you ensure you are getting adequate amounts of micro and macro nutrients, and if you are planning on working out regularly, you may need more than the ‘normal’ person. One of the best ways to satisfy hunger and grow lean muscle is by eating protein (a macro nutrient). Protein is one of building blocks for a balanced diet and it is recommended for a normal adult that you ingest 50g protein per day. This can come from various sources including lean meats, nuts, eggs whites, legumes and dairy (also try a variety of nuts, seeds, fish and even tofu).

Proteinstory-1Our products are based on protein and therefore are perfect for an ‘in-between’ snack, say mid-morning or mid-afternoon, to stave off hunger pains and also keep the cravings at bay. We have carefully formulated the range to keep almost all the products under 140 calories, making them a perfect snack any time.

Some of the Slim Secrets  Healthy Snacking Range.

Some of the Slim Secrets high protein healthy snacking range.

We always recommend a consultation with your doctor prior to starting a new diet or eating plan. The ingredient lists of all our products are available on our website should your doctor or yourself need to refer to them.

We also offer our products via our online shop (see the link below) and shipping is free for orders over $100. If you haven’t tried our products before, a good starter pack would be our Sampler Pack, which offers one of each of our full range of products.

Best of luck with your exercise and eating plan. Drop us a line to let us know how you’re going and if you would like any further information on our products.

kick-start-dietMel xx