How to SPARKLE this holiday season

How to SPARKLE this holiday season

After my big weekend and equally full week to follow I love these tips from Courtney
Happy Monday! Can you believe it – we are in December already! Like many of you, my calendar is already packed with events and parties over the next few weeks. Trying to fit them all in becomes a problem as we get closer to Christmas – as does the preparation and planning! We all want to look great in our holiday photos, however this stressful time can take its toll on your looks and your body.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were some techniques that we could use over the next few weeks to ensure we “sparkle” over the Christmas season – well lucky for you, there is! Read below to find out!

Water works wonders

Too many champagnes can lead to tired and dull looking skin. Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water over the next few weeks to flush out those toxins. A glass of water between each alcoholic drink is a good idea too!

Bronzer baby!

Bronzer is our best friend in December! Use it to give yourself a holiday glow, as well as contouring your face to add dimension. Using a matt bronzer, highlight the area under your cheekbone, as well as your temples and around your hairline. This automatically makes your face look slimmer. Use it also across your chest, arms and legs – anywhere you want to flaunt!


Adding a few lighter foils in your hair will instantly brighten your look. Add them around your face for a pretty effect.

Smooth sunkissed skin

Its time to get out that exfoliater and give yourself a good scrub. This improves circulation and gives you a healthy glow, as well as prepping your skin for fake tan application. A light layer of fake tan can make a huge difference. Remember: this is not Jersey Shore, so think the word “glow”, not “carrot”.


Daily exercise (even just a 30 minute walk) is so important during the holiday months, especially with the extra calories that you will be consuming. Keep up your routine and your body will thank you for it.

Nails that pop

A splash of colour on your toes and fingernails is a great way to brighten up your look. Personally I love coral for summer, but fuchsia and aqua also look great with tanned skin.

Shimmer & sparkle

Who doesn’t love a bit sparkle! Add pigments to your eyelids with glitter and shimmer for a fun party look. Another great invention is glitter eyeliner – there are so many colours in the market so you can experiment. If you have light pink or gold shimmer, sweep it across your cheek bones to add a lovely highlight to your face.

Do you have any “must do” tips before you head to holiday events? Share them below!