How to Set Goals and Stick to Them!

Almost everyone I talk to has goals, short term and long term, big goals and little goals. But far too many of people have a big gap, between setting those goals, and actually achieving them. How many goals have you set, and then never achieved? How many people do you know who are just wanting more; more money, more time, a better body, better relationships. How many people do you know who are completely unsatisfied?


You have the choice to decide to start living with more energy and “life” and to be empowered by your decisions. Make a decision, act now, and stick to your resolve. Whether you choose to live healthy or not… just decide.

If you can begin by removing some of the barriers, you’re going to get to your goal sooner, so let’s go through some of those barriers.goal steps

1. Energy: I don’t have enough energy! Get this; most people think sitting still preserves energy! The truth is this is usually when you feel the most tired. The human nervous system needs to move to have energy, and to a certain extent moving gives you a greater sense of energy. Imagine what your life could be like with more vitality every day!! How would you feel? What could you achieve? What can you do to cultivate vitality? Exercise, nutrition yes! Here are some other not so obvious areas to improve on to increase vitality.

• Raise your standards- expect more from yourself.

• Simplify your life; it’s what you do now, today that counts, not yesterday or tomorrow.

• Stop tolerating people or things that are holding you back.

• Develop new daily habits.

• Improve your attitude.

• Be more grateful.

2. Time: I don’t have enough time. Think about this, we all have the same amount of time. Time is a fixed asset, there is no way possible to increase the length of our day by 1-5 hours. A helpful tip might be to change our whole misconception on time, and understand that when it comes to time management, all we really have to do is manage ourselves. Maybe make a log of all the tasks you do in a week, and find out where you are wasting time, look at your goal and realistically determine how much time you need to spend a week to make it happen. For example if your goal was to be fit, then you would need to realistically spend about 3-4 hours a week or 30mins a day working on that goal. Tip; a good way to find extra time is to put a time limit on sitting in front of a screen or use that time to do combine both (for example lift light weights at every commercial). How much time is spent on the internet, facebook, instagram, emails, or TV, per week? If you don’t start taking note, it will take over your life. How much time do you spend on repetitive tasks, do you delegate in the family? Life balance is an essential key to feeling satisfied.

3. Money: I can’t afford it! Take a look at what you can afford? Usually we just need to change some programming we have, and to revisit our priorities. Let’s look at some everyday costs and comparisons: 1 latte per day at work $20 per week or Gym membership $20 per week Muffin and Flat white $8 or protein bar and apple $4.50 Dinner out and movie $60 -$100 or Save for 15 weeks and buy treadmill Drinks on Saturday night $100 over the bar or see your nutritionist every 2 weeks and still save $50 per week… No matter what we earn, we always spend it. So make sure every dollar is an investment, in either your health or your wealth. Don’t wait to earn more, because you’ll still spend it.

So there you go 3 big barriers. You can get over them and reach your goals!


Good luck.

Mel xx