How To Maintain Your Weight Whilst on Holidays

With school holidays fast approaching, we thought we would share some simple, yet very powerful steps to help you avoid adding to your waistline whilst on holiday. If you follow these tips, you may even go a step beyond maintaining and actually lose a little body fat if you’re lucky!

Our solution is not some new miracle weight loss drug or the latest fad starvation diet, but more a realistic solution – be consistent, have a balanced diet and a commitment to exercising regularly. People need to realise that they can gain control over their metabolism. In fact, when you recognise that making wise food choices most of the time, combined with a consistent exercise plan, is the solution to our weight control woes, you too will make it through your holiday without adding to your waistline.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your weight whilst on holiday:

  • Be selective. Life is not about denying yourself the opportunity to enjoy good food and good times but be practical about how you enjoy it.
  • Choose healthier options over the deep fried nasties!
fruit bowl

Remember to choose the healthier options!

  • Mineral water can be your best friend…zero calories and still full of bubbles! Try replacing every second alcoholic drink with a glass of mineral water. Not only will it keep your head clear but it can save you precious calories. A 120ml glass of champagne has 91 calories; 2 glasses of champagne = a 1/2 hour run on the treadmill.
  • Remember to exercise. Don’t let all your hard work during the year go to waste; get up 1/2 hour earlier while the kids are still asleep and hit the pavement or the park. Your body will thank you, as will your skinny jeans.
You will feel so good after a walk, jog or run on the beach!

You will feel so good after a walk, jog or run on the beach!

  • Add a little lean muscle tissue (not bodybuilder muscle but toned and shaped muscle) to begin the process of elevating metabolism. When you add to that better food choices (leaner proteins – seafood, chicken, turkey; quality complex carbs – brown rice, potatoes, whole grains; fibrous carbs – green salad), you are stoking your body’s ability to burn many more calories.
  • It’s not discipline we need for success so much as good planning. When on holiday, we often just eat big meals and forget about snacking in between. Remember to reduce your meal size and rather snack healthily in between. Instead of falling back on discipline, plan ahead to succeed. Keeping your Slim Secrets bars handy is a great way to plan ahead.

    Slim Secrets Snacks in between meals will help you reduce your meal size.

    Slim Secrets Snacks in between meals will help you reduce your meal size.

  • And please remember to always enter a room with a smile. Not only does it relax you and put you in a happy mood, it also sends out a positive image to everyone in the room.

The bottom line is you don’t need to deprive yourself or experience all those guilty feelings when you decide to eat some of your favourite foods. Remember you are on a holiday and are there to enjoy it and make the most of it. Just make sure to make wise food choices most of the time, add some resistance training and cardiovascular exercise into the mix, and you too will become one of those envied people who “eats whatever they want and doesn’t get fat!

It is all about making small achievable, sustainable and realistic changes that will help bring you the opportunity to have the best holiday and the best life you can possibly have.

Have a great vacation!!


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