I have done a great deal of research on childhood obesity and wrote an easy A-Z guide on the many issues involved. The guide was nearly published and distributed by the Victorian Government last year but the costs involved were too great for them.
I will from time to time discuss in my blog some of the secrets from the guide.
It is very important to instill healthy eating habits in our children from the very beginning. Our preferences for food are largely formed in the early years. Of course, we are born to some degree with our preferences as well; food preferences are largely influenced by our exposure (or lack there of) to a variety of food choices. Keep this in mind when you are choosing which foods to feed your young ones. Also remember that children may not fully accept a food after the first, second, or even third exposure — just don’t give up! Always watch for signs of potential allergies when introducing any new food (ask your Doctor if you have any questions or concerns). Variety is the spice of life, and sets up a lifetime of healthy eating habits.