Food diaries, physical activity can increase weight loss when dieting

I recently read a news article from a US Journal of Preventative medicine that claims that food diaries and physical activity can increase weight loss when dieting
Patients who are participating in a long-term weight management program tend to lose more if they exercise and record what they eat, according to a study that was published the August American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
Investigators with a Center for Health Research in the US, signed up 1,685 individuals who were either obese or overweight and who also were taking drugs to lower their blood pressure or cholesterol.
Over a six-month period, these participants attended 20 group sessions that were focused on reducing the number of calories and the amount of salt consumed.
The study’s investigators also attempted to have participants get more exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables.
Patients lost an average of 5.8 kilograms (12.8 pounds), and food diaries and physical activity seemed to cause much this weight loss.
These results are from the study’s first phase. The study will continue for another two years. For links to a great range of food diaries go to