Focus on what it is you WANT rather than what you don’t want!

Here is just a little something for you to think about over the next few days.

What’s the most important factor in making your dream as come true….. FOCUS! Being focused on your dreams is critical to making it become a reality.
How many areas of your life are you currently focusing on? When you have too many things on the go at any one time, this often results in being scattered and you end up dabbling in things – then you realize you are not getting the results you want.
When you choose to be focused, you’ll experience a sense of excitement, achievement and then success. Focus builds momentum for faster results.

It is a fact that whatever you focus on manifests itself as reality in your life. We are always focusing on something, often unconsciously. The results you get in life are always the result of your focus.

Focusing on what you do not want, ironically, makes it happen too. Focusing on not being depressed, makes you more depressed, focusing on not eating chocolate often results in us wanting it more, focusing on not having a bad relationship, creates a bad relationship, focusing on not bingeing often causes a binge, etc etc (you get the picture!).

Our mind cannot distinguish between something you do want and something you do not want! When we focus, our mind says “we can do that’ and then goes about working on how to get it. The more often and intense our focus, the faster the results, positive or negative. To be effective, we need to learn how to direct our focus at the outcomes we want. So don’t forget morning and night to focus on the goals that you want. They can be your long term goals or even your goals for that particular day.
TIP OF THE DAY – Focus on what you do well, brilliantly, your natural talents. Say NO to what does not work for you and set (and stick with) boundaries