Five Ways to Stay On Track of your Health and Fitness this Winter

Are you cold, hating the dark mornings and struggling to stay motivated this winter?

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Here are some of our secrets on how to get on track and stay on track:

  1. Let’s have fun!
    People get stuck in the rut of the same old routine. No wonder they dread exercise. The number one factor to sticking to fitness is the amount of fun you have while exercising. Get creative. Get in touch with physical activity that you love or have been successful with in the past. You must have some level of enjoyment when working out, otherwise you’re doomed to drop off the program, or at the very least you’ll dread each and every session.
  1. Switch on Autopilot!
    We do so many things each day without having to think about them. Did you think about how you were going to brush your teeth or drive to work this morning? Of course not, you just do these tasks naturally since you’ve done them repetitively for so long. Your fitness routine can easily go onto autopilot, as it just becomes part of your lifestyle. If you dread going to the gym and struggle to figure out what exercises are most effective, join a group program, like a fitness boot camp that does that for you. You show up, follow what the instructor has planned for you and your workout is over without much thought on your part.

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  1. Forget the scale!
    The scale is not a good measurement of progress. Focus on how you feel – more energized, less stressed, more vibrant and alive, improved mental and emotional outlook. These will be positively impacted during your first week of exercise. Focus on your clothing fitting better. Consistent exercise, combined with sound nutrition habits and this will lead you to your ideal body shape.

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  1. Set a Powerful Goal!
    Being pregnant makes staying in shape more exhausting and challenging so the idea of getting outside in the fresh air and going for a big power walk is compelling. What compels you? Find it and your consistency with exercise goes up tremendously!
  1. Seek Help!
    Everyone needs a little pick me up now and again. And sometimes a friend or spouse isn’t the best person to provide the support & expertise you need. Join a group of people who share similar goals, such as a spinning class. Hiring a professional fitness trainer or joining a group that you’re accountable to goes a long way to support your exercise goals, and for many it’s a lot more fun exercising with other committed people.

Regular exercise offers unlimited benefits – improved sleep and relaxation, reduction in stress, elevated mood, better performance during work and play, enhanced self-confidence, increased energy and enthusiasm for life. All it takes is getting started and setting it up correctly, then as you have fun with exercise, a positive momentum takes over.

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Sure, the cold wintery conditions encourage eating more and doing less. But if you just change your mindset, set goals or targets to aim for and clearly understand the positive effects your actions will have on your life – you will feel so much better for it! Go on – get up and get started today!

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Mel xx