Five Easy Tips to Help Keep you in Control of your Weight this Easter

Hi Guys,

We know that Easter can be a tricky time for some, especially for those of you with a sweet tooth and the chocoholics out there (myself included). So today we are going to share some tips with you to help keep you in control over this long, chocolate eating weekend.


1. Exercise over the Easter break. On any regular day, if you have exercised you are more likely to make better food choices and less likely to over indulge. If you have the kids on school holidays, people coming over and are limited for time, the Easter egg hunt can be the perfect opportunity for exercise. It will be fun. Get all the adults involved. When hiding the Easter Eggs make sure there are fewer eggs over a wider area and in harder spots to find, and that way the longer everyone spends searching, the more calories they will burn off, and the less treats there are to be found and the lower the calorie count when the eggs are finally eaten. It’s a good little trick we like to use.

easter egg hunt

2. Set yourself a daily Easter egg limit. Make sure your daily limit is a healthy limit. You don’t want to feel sick at the end of the day. And you don’t want to regret how much you have just eaten. You have done some great exercise during the day so don’t spoilt it with too much chocolate. You could also set a limit on the days you eat Easter eggs, maybe restrict this to just the weekend or only Easter Sunday. But that is up to you.

easter eggs

3. Try and stick to dark chocolate. Are you one of those people who just love chocolate so much and you just don’t want to miss out? No one is suggesting you avoid chocolate altogether on Easter. Where is the fun in that? However, instead of opting for milk chocolate eggs, go and buy yourself and your family some dark chocolate Easter eggs. Dark chocolate actually has a number of benefits. It is more filling than milk chocolate, it can also lessen subsequent cravings for sweet, salty and fatty foods, it has double the antioxidants of milk chocolate and dark chocolate can actually help to lower blood pressure. dark choc

4. If you are trying to be super healthy this Easter, you can snack on some of our delicious Slim Secrets Snacks instead of the Easter eggs. Our products are high in protein and fibre and low in carbs so they will keep you fuller for longer. And there are so many delicious products and flavours to choose from.SS RANGE

5. When it comes to mealtime, think about what you are putting in your mouth. As always, when you are eating, think about your food choices. Are you actually hungry? Is this good for me? Consider whether your body really needs that particular food and the consequences that may follow after eating it then make you final decision. Choose to eat lots of salads, fruits, veggies, lean meats, all things that are good and nutritious for your body. And if you are the host for the Easter get together, make sure to create healthy options for your guests. Over Easter we still should be aiming for a nutrient – rich diet rather than one that is high in saturated fat and sugars.

healthy easter feast

Just remember, it is possible to enjoy the tasty traditions of Easter and still feel good about yourself the next day. You just need to be careful not to overindulge and still stick to your regular exercise regime.

Good luck and Happy Easter

Mel xx

easter bunnies