I just wanted to share with you an event which my husband and a team of inspiring people are putting on in Victoria soon. This event supports The National Breast Cancer Foundation and is exclusively for women who have had breast cancer.
Featuring, in person, Peter Thurin – Higly acclaimed International Speaker and author.
Here it is! The perfect 3 day live-in, live-it-up program for women moving to perfect health and radiant energy.
For 3 blissful days, enjoy a stunning location amongst 1,000 secluded acres in the glorious Yarra Valley. Pamper your beautiful body with wonderful accommodation, exquisite food, relaxing surroundings, awesome facilities (including pool, gym and day spa), while reviving your spirit with inspiration, leadership and training from one of Australia’s most soughtafter speakers, Peter Thurin, creator of the Blackbelt in excellence program, a program to inspire and empower you, to encourage and support you to be the best you can be!
You’ll enjoy activity sessions throughout your stay with Peter Thurin, and the Personal Excellence Team, focusing on the magnificent themes outlined in his book and audio program “be the best you can be”.
You’ll leave with powerful mental attitudes, a dynamic feeling of commitment, the ability to focus on solutions and opportunities, inner strength, and strategic goals for positive, sustainable change in your life.
Long-lasting and healthy lifestyle changes begin with the small step strategies which Peter Thurin and the team will put in your hands. The programs are fun, energy packed, dynamic, challenging and invigorating, crammed with key success messages that could transform your entire life!

Relax The Outer Body While Working On The Inner You

You’ll be soaking up the comfort and luxury of the Sebel Heritage resort in the dazzling Yarra Valley…around 1,000 acres of secluded landscape, a luxurious haven which promotes a healthy balance between mind, body and spirit.

Finally, you will walk away with absolute clarity and empowerment, to take the steps you need to take to achieve YOUR goals and life objectives.
For Information, Bookings & Reservations call Warren at Flight Centre Cairns Central on or visit
www.bbipe.com or View the online brochure at http://www.bbipe.com/Brochure/Breast-Cancer-Retreat.jpg (copy and paste it into your browser)