Enjoy where you’re going

Enjoy where you’re going

How many moments do you fail to enjoy simply because you don’t allow yourself to enjoy them? How many days do you go through without permitting yourself even a few minutes of pure and unrestrained pleasure?

I know there are some days that are better than others and some moments in the day that are also more enjoyable than others. Unfortunately it sometimes takes an illness or problem with you, your family or your friends to jolt you into making the most of every day.
When someone I know gets sick or even dies it reminds me how fragile my own life is. It also reminds me to enjoy every moment I can and make the best of my life in a way that makes me happy. That doesn’t make me selfish although it may sound that way, just fulfilled without regrets.

Look at the people who are most effective at what they do, and you’ll find people who are enjoying themselves. Have you ever heard of anyone who became a spectacular success by being miserable? Probably not.

Enjoyment doesn’t require you to abandon your discipline, your ambition, your responsibility or your focus. There are countless ways to enjoy yourself while staying positively on track.

Enjoy life today, even though it is not perfect. The more you enjoy, the closer you’ll come to making your life into exactly what you want it to be.
Enjoy your success not just after you’ve achieved it, but also while you’re working to bring it about.

Enjoy where you’re going, not just where you’ve been. Enjoy the process of success, and you’ll have much more of it. Enjoy yourself each day, and those days will lead you to great things.