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  • Empowered – New Book Goes to Number ONE in the USA
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Empowered – New Book Goes to Number ONE in the USA

Empowered – New Book Goes to Number ONE in the USA

Empowered – the power of people working together

My husband Peter has often said that it is extremely difficult to create a business of significance all by yourself. Maybe that is true too when attempting to write a book that truly resonates with enough people for it to become a Number ONE Bestseller!
It has taken the combined efforts of more than fifty writers, mentors, entrepreneurs and professional leaders to make the difference of a lifetime and ultimately create this awesome publication.
From his perspective, it has been a wonderful experience to have contributed to Empowered and to have played a role in this sensational book going all the way to Number One in the self help category at Barnes and Noble in the United States of America.
Celebrity contributors include Steven E, Lee Beard, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Brian Tracy and Gregory Scott Reid.

And to add to the excitement, John Assaraf, Dr. Michael Beckwith and Bill Harris all of The Secret have made contributions to Empowered.
In his book, “be the best you can be”, he makes it very clear that you must always believe in your ability to achieve your goals. Then, by embracing the small step strategy set out in the book, you will build unstoppable momentum leading you to achieve major results in your life.
In his new book, Empowered, you will find an assortment of stories that will empower you to “get into the game” and create the future for yourself that you say you want!
Millions of people have talent, intelligence, vision and amazing gifts, yet
 They do not believe in their own abilities.
 They cannot conceive that they have a right to happiness or success.
 They are imprisoned in a frustrating present by shortsighted lessons of childhood, or the disappointments of failed efforts.
 They are captives of fear and insecurity.
Good intentions won’t get the job done. You have to do something! So, as you read the book, keep a journal. Make notes and take action on those notes.
Be inspired by the stories you read but always ask yourself, how can I apply the learnings to my situation?
Then you will be Empowered!
Remember, one step at a time.
If you would like to purchase the new book or book Peter for your next conference, function or as a mentor within your business please go to

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