Dr. OZ with Oprah

I watched the interview with Dr Oz and Oprah last night where they discussed many diet/weight loss related questions that are asked by many people.
One of the questions Oprah posed to Dr Oz was about protein bars. He made the comment that so many of these bars are full of sugar and or fat that they are not usually a great snack alternative.
I agree with Dr Oz about the poor nutritional panel of most of these products. That was one of the main reasons that I started Slim Secrets and created a range of these protein based bars that was very well balanced AND tasted great. The combination is generally hard to find!
Slim Secrets bars are low in sugar, low GI, contain no trans fats and have under 4 grams of fat per bar. Some of the protein bars out there are very low carb but generally high in fat or the opposite being low in fat but very high in carbs and sugar.
The reason for the very quick and great success of Slim Secrets in Australia and now many overseas countries is that it is a great tasting, balanced, snack alternative in our fast and busy lives to help keep us going between meals.
There were many issues discussed between Dr Oz and Oprah that was so informative for both adults and children!