Businesses take positive action today! Downturnaround

Hi All… there is so much doom and gloom around businesses at the moment which can’t be good for morale or for positive outcomes. Whilst there are some areas of businesses that we can’t control there are others that we can and you can make a difference in those areas today. Please see information below about a one day program which can impact highly on your people and is definitely worthwhile!

Are you thinking economic downturn
or downturnaround?
Businesses that will experience success
in this climate are those continuing
to pursue business improvement.
The call to action right now is clear.
Invest in your people.
Mobilise the existing talent in your
business to deliver exceptional
Downturnaround is a high powered one-day event that will take your business
from routine to remarkable within the current financial climate.
We will focus on the 5 success factors critical for your business to mobilise
your people and organisation culture to deliver outstanding performance.
People The performance mindset
Leadership Leverage your people or perish
Culture Create a performance climate
Focus Don’t simply enter the future; create it!
Change Develop momentum for change
Now more than ever getting the most from your people is critical. In fact it will be
the difference between businesses that slide and those that thrive in the current
climate. Attending this event you will:
Upgrade your ‘thinking performance’ to create a mindset for success
Learn key skills to leverage what you know to secure your desired future
Develop tools for personal & business success that you can implement now
Grow your intellectual capital
Advance your capability to outperform your competition
Focus you to take the right actions that will deliver performance
Support you to make effective change
Move your business from having potential to delivering performance
Be inspired by Andrew and Peter’s ability to turn desire into action
It is rare that someone captures our team’s attention so completely that you
literally can hear a pin drop. Your conference presentation was the best
we have experienced in 11 years and we have seen some great speakers –
thank you for challenging and inspiring us.
Andrew Maloney, Manager, Flight Centre
We have had many consultants work with a complex and often complicated
team due to the nature of our work. Your ability to be dynamic, respond
to our needs and make new learning real, applicable and impact our
performance is already being seen. Thanks and we WILL see you again!
Jo Hansen, HR Adviser, BAE Systems Australia
Make no mistake. This is not another event where
you sit passively and just receive great information.
We know it is in taking action where great results live.
How does it run?
Our commitment is to ensure we provide you with practical knowledge,
skills and tools to advance your people performance and business success.
To do this takes 3 steps:
Get prepared…
Through the pre-event pack we send prior to the event to sharpen your
focus on the content and ensure we hit the ground running on the day.
Get involved
Our belief is that your development and success is most powerful when it’s in
your own hands. To become ‘individually and organisationally fit’ we will ensure
and support you to do your own push ups!
Get busy!
Actions = outcomes. Every participant will have specific actions to assist them
move from knowing to doing. The key to turning desire into action, to create
outstanding results

Peter Thurin
Peter Thurin is the founder of blackbelt in excellence
and has been empowering thousands of people from
all parts of the world for over a dozen years. As a leading
professional speaker, author, success mentor, facilitator
and international business consultant, Peter continues
to inspire audiences in every major continent. He is a
powerful catalyst for ongoing change, with his relentless
focus on motivation, commitment and a passionately
desired end result.
He owned successful pharmacies for over 20 years, represented Australia
twice in tennis, coached Australian Rules Football, and is a third Dan blackbelt
in taekwondo. He has been married to his wife, Sharon, for 26 years and has
three children, Jamie, Melanie and Matthew.
Andrew Horsfield
Andrew Horsfield is the Director of Thrive Group and
one of Australia’s new thought leaders in the area of
performance consulting. His passion and expertise
focuses on accelerating human performance to achieve
exceptional business results.
Andrew is a natural facilitator, coach and speaker
that understands however performance is measured,
individuals, teams and organisations want it to get better.
Andrew identifies strengths, engages the challenges being faced and develops
actions that ensure people and organisations deliver performance.
A career that has ranged from working on the streets with at risk youth to
consulting in the Boardrooms of Australia’s Top 500 companies, Andrew is
now sought after internationally as a facilitator and keynote speaker.
What’s included?
You get to access the same thinking, actions and impact that companies like BP,
KPMG, BAE Systems, Goodman Fielder and National Australia Bank have recently
experienced in working with Andrew and Peter.
In addition to the one day event to develop the skills for you and your business
to be the best it can be, you also receive:
Peter’s book Be the Best You Can Be
Andrew’s book Check Up from the Neck Up
The book Ideas; original perspectives on life and business by leading thinkers
What’s my investment?
This one day event is an exceptional opportunity to mobilise the performance
of your existing resources to achieve outstanding business performance.
Merely continuing to do what you do is just not enough. A delivery focus
for today will not ensure your business success for tomorrow.
Implementing our 5 strategic focal points is going to be a key differentiator
from those businesses that slide and those that thrive.
1 person $695
5 people $575 per person
10+ people $500 per person
Peter Thurin | 0407 568 416 |
Businesses who will thrive in the future are investing in productivity
and performance, but demand exceptional value for money.
If you are committed to moving your business from routine to remarkable
then we highly recommend you attend this event.