In searching for potential weight loss programs which has been requested by many mme, we had stringent requirements. We didn’t want a “diet” through which our clients would lose weight during the programme and then suffer the weight yo-yo effect upon completing the course and reverting to old bad habits. With our firm belief that good weight loss should be a combination of good healthy food intake and exercise and should consider metabolism and genetics, we wanted a program that would incorporate science behind its teachings and be tailored to our client’s individual body types. We wanted the programme to teach our clients how to manage their weight and metabolism better for life.
The Body Metabolism Institute (BMI) has met all of our requirements and more. BMI’s founder, Dr. Leon Massage has specialised in weight loss for 20 years. Through his research and work at the Body Metabolism Institute he has accumulated a wealth of experience in weight loss and nutrition.
Slim Secrets are excited to have been able to organise a risk-free trial for our members.
You can now have a risk-free way of becoming a member of the BMI Insiders Club so you can see why people are raving about the results they are getting with the BMI Weight Loss Program.
The membership fee to the BMI Insiders Club is normally $47.00 and then $17.00 per week for each of the 12 modules of the BMI Weight Loss Program plus the weight loss tips, recipes, newsletter and other goodies. But, as our special offer to you, as a member of Slim Secrets, you will pay only $1 for a week’s trial membership. This gives you access to all the supporting material including recipes, worksheets, diet myths and some interactive tools immediately and the 1st module in the program.
You will also receive a special offer of a 7-day money back guarantee if you choose not to continue with the program – and you get to keep the first module.
I am certain you will be motivated and inspired. It won’t be long before you start seeing your weight drop off before your eyes, and see the great changes to the way you look and feel.
To grab your risk-free test drive and experience the awesome potential of the BMI Weight Loss Program – right now;

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