Are your friends and family making you fat? by Courtney Barber

Are your friends and family making you fat?

As we get closer to Christmas it is inevitable that you will be faced with a lot more bad food choices than normal. It is our most social time of the year and each celebration is usually centred around eating or drinking of some sort, whether it be: Christmas parties, after work drinks, BBQs, cocktail parties and long lunches, not to mention all the edible gifts that are given to you from family and friends. Like many health conscious people, you can usually pass on the occasional chocolate or alcoholic beverage, but when you are bombarded with them for a whole month it can start to get a bit overwhelming, especially when it is the “social” thing to do.

The thing I notice the most about this time of year is the amount of people that are “food pushers” – people that try to guilt or persuade you into throwing your healthy eating habits out the window! I’m sure you know these people. They are found in your home, at the office and in your circle of friends. The more you try to explain that you don’t feel like eating unhealthy food, the more they push it on you. It can become a real battle and unfortunately they usually get their way – with you gaining an extra few kilos in the process.

Sometimes it can be hard to identify who these food-pushers are. I have added the most common “offenders” below – check the list to find out!

Offender 1 – The Office Colleague

Colleague: Would you like to try some of my Christmas Rocky Road that I made last night? I used 5 packets of chocolate. It’s so delicious!

You: It looks great, but I actually did an hour Spin Class this morning so I don’t feel like sweets today thanks.

Colleague: It’s so good you have to try it! You deserve it after that workout!

You: No its all good thank you. I have been working out everyday this month and I feel great not eating sugar.

Colleague: Everyone else has had a piece you need to try some…just this bit…try it!

You: No really I’m fine thank you!

Colleague: Try it!

You: Maybe another day.

Colleague: TRY IT!!!

You: (scared) Ok…..just a little bit….

Colleague: See I knew you would like it. I actually made you a gift basket you can take home and eat for dessert.

You: (feeling sick) Gee thanks…

Offender 2 – The Family Member

Family – Why aren’t you eating more food? Are you on a diet or something? Christmas is a time to indulge! Don’t worry about being healthy!

You: No I just don’t feel like eating anymore I’m full.

Family: How could you be full? You are too skinny! Have another plate of food. Here I’ll put some on your plate.

You: No really I’ve had enough it was lovely but I couldn’t eat anymore.

Family: You must be on a diet. Diets are bad for you. Eat this and you’ll feel better.

You: I feel fine. Really.

Family: Don’t you like my food? It hurts my feelings when you don’t eat it.

You: Ok FINE – give me the plate!

Family: (triumphant) Very good. Now eat all this food and then I’ll bring out dessert.

Offender 3 – The Friend

Friend: I’ve ordered us another round of drinks.

You: I’ll just stick with water thanks I’ve had enough drinks for one day.

Friend: You’re always so healthy its so annoying! You make me look bad!

You: I want to get up early tomorrow and go for a walk, so I don’t want to be hungover. But you go ahead!

Friend: Well I can’t sit here and drink by myself.

You: You can do whatever you want to do. I’m happy with water.

Friend: Why are you always working out you can afford to miss a few days…

You: I enjoy feeling good

Friend: Just have one more drink with me please…

You: Well…

Friend: Please! It’s Christmas!

You: Ok just one more thats it.

Friend: Ok great! I’ll order the shots!

Are you surrounded by food-pushers? Don’t let them sway you from your healthy eating and exercise plan! Stay strong during Christmas and enjoy a stress-free January when everyone else is sweating off all those extra holiday kilos!

Ask the Trainer

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Have a fit and fabulous week!