Are you Obsessed with Stepping on the Scales? Here is some advice to help you overcome this…

It is amazing how many people weigh themselves each day. Often men want to put on more weight because it means they have put on more muscle. And often women want to see a smaller number to indicate that they have ‘lost weight’. Stepping onto those scales then prompts reactions of excitement, disappointment, frustration, etc. The excitement can potentially lead to overindulging, yet the disappointment can also lead to emotional eating. The spiraling behavior continues which is not healthy for your mind or body, and certainly not good for those around that care about you.

So is this obsession necessary and what does it all actually mean?

Your weight is not just how much fat or muscle you have on your body. It is actually the total sum of all your bone, skin, tissues, water, fat, muscle and other substances that make up your body. It is also the food and drink that is on its way through your digestive system at the time you weigh yourself. Weight, particularly in women can fluctuate between 2-3kg during the same day depending on fluid retention, time of the month, and even what you ate the night before. Also, 1 kg of muscle is more dense and takes up less space than 1 kg of fat so you may not be seeing a change on the scales but your body shape may be changing.

fat vs muscle

Personally, I have grown up in a home that has never had scales. My mum (Slim Secrets founder, Sharon Thurin), taught me to focus on how I look and feel – rather than about focusing on a number. I have to say, I am very thankful to her for this. I am one of those people who could very easily obsess over the number on those scales. But I know that’s not what counts. Being healthy and exercising is really what counts and how you feel on the inside.

If you do want to lose weight and you are exercising, invest in a tape measure and get someone to take your body measurements. Seeing your body measurements shrink tends to be more encouraging than the number on the scales, as your body shape can change but not necessarily be reflected on the scales. You will know when you are on the right path, when you can do the buttons on those jeans that used to be tight…. You don’t need numbers on a scale for that!

My piece of advice to all of you out there who do obsess over the scales; throw them out! Take steps to improve your health in a balanced and sustainable way rather than being fixated on reaching a particular weight. You will be so much happier for it! Go on – give it a go!